Second Chance Employment In Kentucky

On January 13th, the New York Times reported that as the nation’s economy continues to improve, “a rapidly tightening labor market is forcing companies across the country to consider workers they once would have turned away”. Kentucky has been ahead of the game when it comes to realizing and recognizing the work ethic of individuals seeking Second Chance Employment Opportunities.
Stigmatized by various criminal convictions, some individuals are caught in a negative feedback loop where there was little hope for a stable job, let alone career advancement. This month’s panelists will discuss how Second Chance Employment Opportunities have not only provided skilled training curriculums to individuals who at first believed they had little prospect for success, but how by giving these individuals a second chance, they have unlocked a trove of compassion, entrepreneurism, and social benefit.
Please join member and moderator Tom Martin, along with the rest of the Lexington Forum, on Thursday, February 1st, as we welcome panelists Rob Perez, owner of DV8 Kitchen, Cary Plummer Executive Director of Jubilee Jobs of Lexington, and, of special note, longtime Lexington Forum member David Boggs, President/CEO of Opportunity for Work & Learning, to discuss what Second Chance Employment Opportunities means for Lexington’s place as an economic driver and market leader.
Thursday, February 1, 2018
Hilary J. Boone Center
University of Kentucky
7:15 Coffee and Networking

7:30 Breakfast and Program

Free to Members / Guest Fee $20
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